Creepy Clown

The story begins when she lost the last thing she loved.
Sometimes, people tried to hide there secrets, a side that so broken they don’t want to think about it.
They push it away, but nightmare’s in life can become nightmare’s when you sleep.
She wake’s up every night screaming, crying, and again a little piece of her soul dies with the tears she cried.
She only had one friend, one day she did tell him her secret.
He was in shock, banned her out of his life, shouted at her, your a freak!
And you supposed to make children smile! Your sick!
Now, from that point she turned into the thing she’s dreaming about.
The voice’s that she did hear every night is now she talking to herself,
to the doll thats in her room, to the bear that he gave her.
Sometime’s words can stab like knife’s, scars left on the heart and soul, desperate cause there is only hate left.
He didn’t know, he was the only thing that kept her from going insane.
Now every night she goes outside, dancing with her bear, trying to stop the fear, enjoying the show with letting no one go, stabbing and grabbing, singing and painting with the blood of the people she killed.
Every puppet show of her can be your last, and still now nobody knows her secret.